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Our Story

Casa de Peregrinos (CdP) has a long and respected history of service in Las Cruces and Dona Ana County.  It was founded in April of 1979 by four La Mesa residents:  Manuela Moreno, Rosario Rodriguez, Alphonso de los Santos, and Lucy Martinez.  They launched Casa de Peregrinos (“House of Pilgrims”) with $3,000 in the bank and a lofty vision: to provide shelter, a food-and-clothing bank, and cooperative activities for the homeless. As stated in the Incorporation papers, their intent was to provide “shelter, food, etc. to the homeless and transients” and “to operate a cooperative garden and food bank.”  

Three years later, Sister Marsha Corrigan of the Catholic Diocese of El Paso was assigned to oversee Casa de Peregrinos. The group established an advisory committee that decided to focus exclusively on food distribution.  In 1982, Isabel Romero became the first paid employee of Casa de Peregrinos, serving as the office and volunteer manager. 


In 1984, Sister Rose Kidd was hired by the Diocese of Las Cruces to direct Casa de Peregrinos.  During Sister Rose’s administration, the organization moved to its first office on Spruce Street in Las Cruces and began the Food Security Program, the flagship of Casa de Peregrinos programs, distributing a basket of food monthly to needy families.  In August 1987, the organization received its nonprofit status from the IRS.  

From these humble beginnings, Casa de Peregrinos has grown into the largest and most successful food pantry in Southern New Mexico, serving thousands of families each year in 23 separate locations.  

Our staff

Meet the people who make Casa de Peregrinos happen. From fundraising to volunteer outreach, from rescuing food to bagging apples, from mopping floors to being the face of the agency: we do it all. But honestly,

we couldn’t do it without you–our supporters.


Lorenzo Alba, Jr
Executive director

Board of Directors

Leadership team


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